Start an income from an islamic therapy!

Level 5- Online Accredited Higher Diploma Course in 

Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT) 

Do you want:

To be part of reviving a strong forgotten Sunnah and promoting health?

To learn about Islamic medicine, natural healing and holistic therapy?

A new, change of or alternative career in something rewarding, exciting, progressive, flexible and Islamic?

To help others and educate them about the forgotten sunnah of Hijama, while earning reward?

If your answer to any of the above is Yes, then you have to learn the beautiful and powerful treatment of Hijama Cupping Therapy. With Hijama you can help people with:


  • Unexplainable pain or pain in general
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Joint pain
  • Pulled or tight muscles
  • Poor blood circulation and blockages
  • Constipation or IBS
  • Spiritual and Metaphysical issues
  • And much more…….

Hijama Nation Association (HNA) are a Course Provider and Professional Membership and Regulatory Body for Hijama Cupping Therapy in the UK.


We offer an Accredited Higher Diploma (Level 5) in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT) and certify graduates with Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP) status. 


We are Members  and Lead Advisors in Holistic Hijama Therapy to the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT) and the Federal Regulatory Council (FRC) which is the UK Government.


We are the first ever approved course providers for The Pastoral Medical Association in USA. Our graduates can get a License to practice Hijama in USA and Canada through HNA.

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We aim to not just REVIVE the Sunnah of Hijama, but also ESTABLISH it globally. We train and certify Hijama Practitioners to the highest standards. Our goal is to have Certified Hijama Practitioners qualified and readily available to Patients in their locality, all over the world.

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to enable students to become fully proficient and competent in the healing art of Hijama Cupping Therapy. This course provides a platform for all students to have a well rounded education and learn core module topics like Physiology and Anatomy, Best Practices and Hijamaology. Graduates will be able to apply this theory and knowledge and in to real life, practical, clinical situations. Graduates will be safe, responsible and practice their duty of care to the patient at the highest standards. Graduates will be able to work publicly and commercially at a professional level, and provide an excellent service and customer care to their patients. Graduates will be able to obtain insurance through our insurance block scheme with

Course Duration: The course is flexible and self paced. Students can enrol at any time throughout the year. It is approximately 400 hours of study  and practical time. A Level 5 Higher Diploma is 36 Credits. Students can complete and graduate whenever they are ready.

Course Format: Students use an interactive student member website which is custom made to suit this course requirements. There are online theory modules and exams. There is a one day Practical training workshop and practical exams are submitted live and via video. Videos, resources, links and updates are found on this website;

Course Qualification: Students grades are all averaged and pass with the following awards. Graduates will have passed a Core Therapy Qualification and achieved a Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT). This is a Level 5 course which is 36 credits. They can have the following initials after their name: CHP (Certified Hijama Practitioner). Graduates can become members of Hijama Nation Association and join the UK Register. Subsequently, they can also become members of The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies and join the National register.


15% off for £828.50 in one payment.

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£975 in 4 monthly payments of £243.00.



















Hours (Approximate hours over 12 months on an extended, flexible course including revision, travel time, preparation/write ups etc).
Attendance module/Home study time hours  250 hours for 6 units
Practical Training             15 hours
End of unit exams 23 hours
Final practical exam 2 hours
Coursework: Case Studies 5 patients x 6 sessions=30 hrs minimum 100hrs (5 Case Studies including medical form design, preparation & casenotes)
Bonus lectures, videos & webinars         10 hrs
Total 400 hrs approx Level 5


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Cupping Therapy?
  3. Hijamaology
  4. Types of Cupping Therapy Modern
  5. Equipment History of Cupping Equipment
  6. History of general Cupping Therapy History of Hijama Cupping Therapy
  7. How does Hijama work?
  8. Benefits of Hijama
  9. Practical
  10. Online End of Unit Quiz


  1. Islamic Medicine and Humoral Pathology
  2. Introduction to Ruqyah
  3. Hijamaology
  4. Hijamaology and the Lunar Cycle
  5. Hijama Point Theory
  6. Practical
  7. Online End of Unit Quiz


  1. Introduction Vital Organs of the Human Body
  2. Glands of the Human Body
  3. Systems of the Human Body
  4. Functions of blood
  5. Video Tutorials Online
  6. Practical
  7. End of Unit Quiz


  1. Patient Care
  2. Self Care
  3. Health, hygiene and Safety Procedures
  4. Business Practice
  5. Practical
  6. Online End of Unit Quiz

 UNIT 5-PRACTICAL                             

  1. Hijama Points Theory
  2. Cupping Therapy PROCEDURES
  3. Instructional videos & Presentations
  4. Online End of Unit Quiz


  1. Ordering Supplies
  2. Case Study Preparation
  3. Medical forms
  4. 5 Case Studies
  5. Medical consultations
  6. Case Study
  7. Procedures & Treatment Plans
  8. Video and Presentation Series

CASE STUDIES Guidelines: 6-8 weeks long.

Students will complete a minimum of 30 hours of practical case studies. 


East London 



  • They can attend live practical training day classes at ANY stage of the course; beginning or middle.
  • The first class is free.
  • Any more classes will be charged GBP50.00 per session.
  • Practical exams can be done by live skype or video recording.


  • If a foreign student wishes to attend a live, practical class in UK and will be travelling, they can join at any stage of the course and will be given a priority place in the class.
  • If a foreign student cannot travel to the UK, they can book live SKYPE Training classes with tutors AFTER they have finished all their Theory modules 1-5. To book a session, you can email us at :
  • The first class is free.
  • Any more classes will be charged GBP50.00 per session.
  • Practical exams can be done by live Skype or video recording

EXAMS-Open Book.

5 End of Unit Online Mutiple Choice Quizzes: 

  • Q1-1.25 hrs
  • Q2-2.5 hrs
  • Q3-2.5 hrs
  • Q4-1.25hrs
  • Q5-1.25 hrs


This is done when all theory and coursework modules are completed. It can be done live, via skype or by video recording. It lasts about an hour and male or female staff are allocated for male or female students. Work is assessed and results are given immediately. The Student will need to arrange their own patient if the exam is on Skype or Video recording.

Course Completion: Upon successful completion of all modules, students are assessed and all grades are collated. Upon passing and graduating, they are expected to obtain insurance and provide us with proof. Then we issue the diploma certificates via post. They are kept on our student register for post-graduation support, information and updates.


Award Overall Average Grades 
Distinction 90-100%
Merit 80-89%
Pass 70-79%


Professional Indemnity Requirement: After graduation, UK students can obtain Practitioner coverage after Certification. We have a students’ coverage scheme with Balens Ltd, so you can get a discount on your policy. Please click on the link below to get a policy quote:


Here is what some our Graduates have to say about our Course...

Hijama - What does an Acupuncturist say about Hijama_Hijama Course Testimonial by a Dentist - HijamaHijama Courses Testimonial - Case studies by Dr. RiadHijama CourseTestimonial - Hijama Nation- HijamaHijama Nation Course Testimonial - Hijama

Why Choose HNA?

  1. Hijama Nation Association provides insurance an Hijama Supplies for its Students and Graduates at a discounted rate.
  2. We are members of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT).
  4. We have a national register for certified and insured Hijama Practitioners
  5. The course is flexible which you do on your own pace and at a time that suits you
  6. The course includes online text and practical training instructional videos
  7. The course includes live practical training in U.K and through Skype internationally
  8. Our students receive an Accredited Higher Diploma Certification (Level 5) that allows them to practice Hijama in many parts of the world (Check the requirements of your local City).
  9. Our Certification allows our students to become members of GRCCT
  10. Our Certification allows our students in USA and Canada to become members of PMA.

Who can do this course?

High School Diploma or equivalent. Students must be fluent in English reading, writing and comprehension.

What skills do you need?

  • Applicants must be motivated, committed, reliable and be able to deal with blood.
  • They must be compassionate and be able to deal with Patients with care and consideration.
  •  The student must be able to provide the highest standards of professionalism and healthcare to their patients.

The Prophet (PBUH) explained that Hijama is one of the best medicines: "The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is Hijama, or it is one of the best of your medicines," or "The best treatment you can use is Hijama." (Reference: Al Bukhari, 5371).

So earn reward from ALLAH swt! 

Revive and establish this Sunnah! 

Start a promising new career in Complementary Therapies! 

Join the HNA Team now and become part of a global revolution! 




15% off for £828.50 in one payment.

Partner Discount- £657 each-Pay £1314.00 in one payment.

£975 in 4 monthly payments of £243.00.


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